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What is Processwork UK?

Past and Present

It was 1988 when Arny Mindell gave his first seminar in London! Amy, Jean-Claude and Arlene assisted. We still remember the innerwork … Lots of people in neat rows politely and quietly doing an inner work exercise. Within moments, this erupted into an amazing scene of people getting up from their chairs with wild movement and sound! We liked the UK.

After the seminar, together with the Open Gate Foundation and Roger Housden who had coordinated Arny’s seminar, Arlene and Jean-Claude developed more training in the UK. Arlene and Amy (Kaplan then, and later Mindell) gave a weekend seminar on Innerwork in London. We then set up a year training programme with Jean-Claude Audergon, and Arlene assisting, and also with other main teachers – Max Schupbach and Joe Goodbread. Our seminars were usually held in Devon.

The programme evolved with more teachers invited from Zurich. Several of the programme participants determined to set up a center for Processwork in the UK, offering public seminars and training for students. It was called the Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology. Students registered formally at the center in Zurich – Zentrum fuer prozess-orientierte Psychologie.

Arlene and Jean-Claude developed and coordinated the training at that time from Zurich and later from Los Angeles, coming over a couple times a year. The organisation was run by students wanting to build opportunities to study and research the application of Processwork in the UK. Arlene and Jean-Claude later moved to the UK in 1999.

Lots of wonderful memories…

Important people, events and milestones:

David Clark began coordinating the training and Mindell seminars in the UK. He continues coordinating Arny and Amy Mindell’s seminars in London until this day.

While a student, Clare Hill became the first student coordinator and later became the coordinator of training. Pat Black became Coordinator of Training in 2009.

While a student, Clare Hill became the first student coordinator and later became the coordinator of training.

Pat Black became Coordinator of Training in 2008.

We became accredited by UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy) in 2009. We had our 5-year review by the UKCP in 2014.

Arlene and Jean-Claude Audergon of Processwork UK, together with Max Schupbach and others, initiated and coordinated the development of IAPOP, the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology. In 2007, Jean-Claude coordinated IAPOP’s first conference, in London – ‘Deep Democracy: Where Fields Meet’.

The very next year, we had WORLDWORK 2008 in London. It was called ‘Doorways to Diversity: Finding a Home in the World’. Jean-Claude and Arlene together with Anup Karia and Stanya Studentova coordinated the conference together with the extraordinary Processwork UK team, held in central London. We had to close the doors at 450 people from 40 countries.


Processwork UK (RSPOPUK) offers seminars, Intensives, worldwork activities and classes throughout the UK open to anyone interested for personal and professional development. Processwork UK also has one-year programmes, as well as a full Diploma programme, and an accredited UKCP Training Programme in Psychotherapy.

While Processwork originally started in Zurich, as a daughter of Jungian Psychology, training programmes have developed internationally. Other main centers for training towards the 5 year Diploma in Processwork include the Processwork Institute in Portland, Oregon USA, and schools in Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Australia and New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Russia and more. Other excellent training seminars and programmes in Processwork occur throughout the world.

Processwork UK is coordinated by way of the RSPOPUK Committee (made up of faculty, students and Trustees) as well as a Steering committee, led by Anup Karia.

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