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What is Processwork UK?

Trustees and RSPOPUK Committee

The RSPOPUK Committee oversees the organisation, ensuring that it is delivering the charitable outcomes for which it has been set up. The committee includes trustees and members who are highly experienced, creative and skilled in different areas and reflects the diversity of the wider community. Any student, alumni or faculty who wants to join the committee is heartily welcome, as long as they can commit to attending regularly over at least a couple of years.

The trustees are:
Antonia Spencer
Olufemi Hughes
Martin Gent

The other committee members are:
Leah Bijelic (secretary)
• Mike Fitter (treasurer)
Sonia Slany
Pat Black
Iona Fredenburgh
Anup Karia
Arlene Audergon
Jean-Claude Audergon
Peter Ammann

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Processwork UK / Old Hampstead Townhall /213 Haverstock Hill/ NW3 4QP London