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Antonia Spencer

Antonia Spencer



Trustee of Processwork UK

Antonia Spencer

My work as a facilitator, mentor and artist is a reflection of how I experience life and I love how fully Processwork includes the nuances, diversity and tenderness of that experience.  I work with groups and individuals who are facilitating change in relation to environmental, social and cultural inequities, using inquiry, creativity and embodiment.

It’s a real delight to bring my passion and skills to the role of Trustee for RSPOPUK as I find the work of this community inspiring and exciting.

I live in beautiful South Devon where I arrived from London – via life in an eco-community – 9 years ago to work at Schumacher College. Currently I am self-employed and at a time of transition which is both daunting and enlivening. It tickles me that I am asked to write a biog for RSPOPUK when – as a woman in the midst of menopause – much of my identity is busy dissolving!

For the last 14 years I have (amongst other things) worked as Lecturer + Course Leader in Eco-Design at Goldsmiths, London; as an Associate Artist with Encounters Arts; and as Lecturer + Course Leader at Schumacher College (including Educational Practice for Sustainability, Embodied-ecoliteracy,  Ecological Facilitation as Leadership and on the ‘Call of The Wild’ programme). I am also a freelance Associate of Embercombe; and have been actively involved in the Transition Town and Occupy movements.

Previously I was part of the founding editorial team for Wallpaper* Magazine and a freelance designer and consultant. A very different world which I left at another time of dissolving identity!

An introduction to Arny Mindell’s  ‘Shaman’s Body’ gave me a sense of relief and belonging with my own experience of the world and I loved the practical application. Soon after, a student of mine at Schumacher College mentioned Processwork trainings he had participated in. His way of being over the year course had a profound influence on me, inviting more freedom in my channel surfing capacities in how I facilitate. I wish I could show you how he listened with his hands and ‘felt’ the field as we explored things together as a learning community. I realized I had been excluding my own ways of listening and dancing between realms. It was at this time that I also remembered I am an artist. Chris Seeley and Eva Karia were also key players in this relationship.

The inclusiveness of Processwork delights me on so many levels, from working with rank dynamics to validating and exploring the Consensus Reality, dream and essence realms. I also find it deeply political in a way that moves me. There is also a culture of appreciation, care and wild curiosity that I have rarely found elsewhere and it reminds me to cultivate these in myself within my other communities.

I’ve committed to this role of trustee because I’m a big fan and at times my work is simply to be a cheerleader. I want RSPOPUK to do its best, to be trustworthy and resilient. With this intention, I relish how the role demands that I listen deeply, speak what may be un-noticed and occasionally ask tricky questions. I’m grateful to Mike Fitter for his impeccable work as finance director, to the faculty for their integrity and to my fellow trustees for being sharp and creative eyes and ears alongside me.

Looking ahead, I’m excited by new courses being offered and by a widening community of students, especially activists from different spheres. I would love to see more work working with our ecological relationships and all that entails.

As someone who feels a lot, I am deeply grateful for what Processwork offers in the world and the sense of community this enables. As my world changes through this menopausal rite of passage, I look forward to playing in the field together.

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