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Milan Bijelic

Milan Bijelic


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Student of Processwork UK

Milan Bijelic

I am a Processwork facilitator (advanced diploma student) working as a therapist and with groups, organizations and in local communities. I have a strong interest in your (and my own) long-term direction of growth and how it is indicated through dreams, physical symptoms / illnesses and relationships. In my own life and in my work with others I have found that that we cannot avoid difficulties, disturbances, even the most challenging experiences. Those experiences can make your and my life miserable, yet in themselves they contain seeds for our transformation and growth. I am intensely interested in this transformation process from a difficulty and hardship towards realizing our own personal power. I see this as a journey into the unknown – into the territory beyond our everyday identity, and my facilitation will be a companionship on that journey. In my Processwork training I have become more aware of how external world – both local and global – influences our psyche and the way we experience ourselves. In that regard I am strongly interested in working with issues that affect us deeply at the individual level and at the level of whole communities / societies. I facilitate groups and teams around organizational and community development. My first direct contact with Processwork has been in context of the recent post-war development and conflict transformation work in Croatia. I have gained a deeper understanding of how we as polarized groups / communities end up in a cycle of violence (causing atrocities and trauma to each other) – and how, with facilitation, we can also create a safe collective space for hearing each other, and for bearing witness to difficult and traumatic experiences. Since then I have realized that we – members of different social groups and societies – have a responsibility to grapple with collective issues, polarizations and violent conflicts. From 1998 until 2014 I have been involved in the post-war relief and community development programms in Croatia. Part of my work involved planning and organizing regional Processwork forums / seminars for conflict transformation and for working on mistrust and other psycho-social dynamics that were barriers to grass-roots economic development in the areas directly hit by the war. I have found this work both challenging and deeply enriching. I was born in Croatia, and since 2014 I am based in Sheffield, UK. I practice Yoga (meditation and physical postures) as well as Chi Kung exercises. I have completed my training in homeopathy in 1998, with a view to develop a life-long career in that field. However, the twists and turns of my life path have taken me in the direction of this paradigm that bridges the experiences and wellbeing of individual and collective.

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