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Events and Seminars

Seminars and Classes


Most seminars and classes are open to anyone interested for professional or personal development. If a seminar or class is for a particular training or professional group it will be designated accordingly.

You can find seminars and classes on various themes, offered by faculty of Processwork UK, taking place in different locations around the UK. Themes include working with body symptoms and dreams, working with relationships, working with community facilitation and conflict resolution, leadership, creativity and the arts, and more.

CPD Continuing Professional Development credits are available.

Contact the seminar leader if you have questions about whether a seminar or class is right for you!

Note that students of Processwork UK also offer wonderful seminars on themes of their research and interest, as part of their advanced studies under supervision.

See the Events Schedule for what is on.

For Students

The Intensive and classes following the Intensive are for students and for anyone interested.
Additionally, students have learning activities that are for students only.

'The Dojo'

is for students only. It is a ‘lab’ in which students learn to master specific concepts and interventions, in bite-size portions. It is based on the notion that in Processwork, as in marital arts or any discipline, one never stops practicing. And that’s the joy of it.

The ‘Feedback Festival’

is for students only. The essence is to celebrate learning and to learn from feedback. This includes giving and receiving feedback between faculty and students, but particularly to learn to follow the way of nature, by way of following feedback from the process you are working with. This is at the heart of Processwork. At the festival, students also present their research and projects and get feedback.

‘Live Supervision’

In ‘Supervision Groups’, students are invited to work with one another in the middle, and study their perception and skills, receiving supervision ‘on the go’. Sometimes, people are invited to attend the supervision groups as ‘clients’ – a chance to get a session and to help students with their learning.

‘Case Study evenings’

Students present a situation from their work, whether working with an individual, a couple, or an organisation. This includes their perceptions, questions and difficulties. By way of role-play and video study, we discover the direction of the clients’ process, as well as the students’ growing edges of perception and practice.

Reflection Day and Peer Groups

Students attend a Reflection Day following the Intensive courses, in order to further study and integrate their learning. They also have a chance to meet in their peer groups with supervision, to practice facilitation in the different areas of the learning, and to work with any difficulties that arise among themselves.

Student and Faculty Learning Community Day

Once a year, everyone gathers to address changes in the curriculum, and to address any issues that need attention among students and faculty. This includes processing ‘hotspots’ or troublesome themes that may be potentially creative. It is also a chance for Study committees (a student and two or more mentors) to meet ‘fishbowl’ style to discuss their relationships and progress.

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