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Faculty, Practitioners, Students and Alumni


Faculty of Processwork UK closely follow their own interests, contribute to specific areas of research and application of Processwork, and continually focus on their own ‘edges’ of growth and individuation – which in turn enables them to support their students along very individual study paths.

They have a striking diversity of experience and interests, which they bring to their teaching and to their one-to-one mentoring of students on study committees. This ranges from managing a mental health facility, to working with refugees and asylum seekers, to transforming the social services in Scotland and working with human rights issues, as well as conflict resolution in different countries. All of the faculty also have private psychotherapy and supervision practices.

The current faculty include:

Co-founders and lead faculty include:


– contribute their expertise and experience in different areas of application of Processwork.

– attend post-graduate training in teaching Processwork

– contribute to developing curricula and the current programme of events

– act as mentors, study committee members, tutors and supervisors

– meet regularly to discuss student progress

– hold phase I and phase II exams

– have regular professional supervision for their work with students

– teach in the UK and internationally

Visiting teachers

Over the years, Processwork UK has invited various teachers to come to the UK to offer seminars and will continue to do so.

Arny and Amy Mindell, the originators of Processwork have regularly come to the UK over many years and we hope will continue to come and introduce their newest research and practice.

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