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Andy Smith

Andy Smith

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Faculty Member of Processwork UK

Andy Smith

As well as his private practice as UKCP registered psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor based in Edinburgh, Andy (with his partner Pat Black) founded Diversity Matters in 2001; an organisation works for a more inclusive society particularly in education, social care and health systems.

Diversity Matters is co-creating and running partnership projects with the broad aim of a more inclusive and creative Scotland, and particularly but not exclusively in Health and Social Care fields. This builds on 25 years experience in organisational consultancy and training and in setting up and creating a number of successful voluntary organisations in Scotland. Andy is involved in developing training programmes for Processwork and Deep Democracy in the UK and Spain.

Andy has a track record leading and initiating partnership projects. These include national and local government and non-government organisations. Current work includes partnerships with the Scottish Government, Scottish Social Service Council, Minority Ethnic Carers organisations, and a number of local councils. Andy is also a co-designer and senior teacher of a successful higher education training program with Queen Margaret University, built through a partnership of Scottish organisations and which won a series of awards.

Key Experience and Skill Sets:

  • Development and creation of Social Change projects and organisations
  • Extensive facilitation skills with small to very large groups, conflict prevention and mediation work, co-production, open forums facilitation including working in situations where there might be conflict related to external and internal oppression, marginalisation and discrimination.
  • Long term and short consultancy experience in organisational change in public sector and with NGO’s
  • Successful award winning training course designs at many different levels from vocational to post-graduate level.
  • Coaching and mentoring as practitioner and teacher.
  • Research interests – Power dynamics in democracy, community engagement and empowerment and organisational change – Co-production/co-creation – Essence/Sentient/Spiritual dimensions at the individual and group level – Right-Relationship – Inclusion and Deep Democracy – Serious illness and shamanic aspects of marginalisation.


Diversity Matters ( using Deep Democracy methods and a series of projects are underway focussed on co-production and citizen and community engagement.

Some Current Projects

The “Everyone Together 2” Project ( Version 1 2012- 2015 and  Version 2 2015 to 2017)

This is focussed on coproduction and uses Deep Democracy principles to work together with communities of place, interest or ethnicity and with professionals, decision makers and local authority officials to figure out how to build community and devolve budgets to solve problems. Scottish Government funded, partners include a wide range of local authorities and N.G.O.s. This is a ‘do as you say’ project which hinges on the work of a diverse facilitation team involving people with disabilities, mental health system survivors, people recovering from addictions and others including professionals as facilitators. Forums and workshops are built together with professionals and citizens particularly focussing on so called ‘hard to reach’ communities.

“Go Deep” (2016- 2018)

This is a European Union Erasmus + project bringing together five EU agencies and one from Brazil to explore the use of Deep Democracy facilitation methods and a well established community engagement process for young- people called The Oasis Game. The project is creating on-line games, teaching platforms and off-line resources for developing facilitation, diversity awareness and leadership in young-people.

Citizen Leadership – An Action Research Project using Forum Theatre and Processwork Facilitation  (2015)

Funded by Scottish Social Services Council and partnered with East Ayrshire Council, MECOPP and Gipsy/Traveller communities in Scotland to explore how citizens and first-line workers can more easily step into leadership roles. The project used Forum Theatre methods coupled with Deep Democracy Facilitation methods.

Self Directed Support with so called ‘hard to reach communities’ (2014- 2015)

Scottish Government funded project to work with Punjabi, Cantonese and Gipsy/Traveller communities in Scotland to help people solve their own problems with small amounts of money and input. See

Some previous Projects

Scottish Inclusion Institute

Bringing together local and world leaders on Inclusion to learn and inspire each other. Organised with Jaynie Mitchell and Inspiring Inclusion and others.


H.E.C. in the Person Centred Approach 2001 – 2010

This collaboration with the ALTRUM network and Queen Margaret University received European Funding in 2003 and over 300 students have enrolled. This triple award winning course developed by Diversity Matters in partnership with Terry Daly and Kate Munro is a winner of a

  • EU National Training Award for changing workplace practice
  • European Social Fund award for best long-life learning project, an award for
  • An Investing in the workforce award – Scottish Care Accolades


Altrum (from 1997)

Altrum is Scots Gaelic for ‘foster’. This grouping started as four N.G.O.’s focussed on local solutions to inclusion. It grew to 10 and learned how to bud off and start up new organisations. (including Dates-n-Mates and Neighbourhood Networks, both of which are user-led.).


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