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Anup Karia

Anup Karia

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Faculty Member of Processwork UK

Anup Karia

I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya in the seventies- a child of colonial migration in an Asian family. Constantly grappling with a sense of belonging/not belonging and being gay in an environment that couldn’t accept me forged my deep interest in marginalisation and a life long journey to unfold the deeper spirit behind this and respond to a larger call to facilitate this in the world.  I moved to London for university to study Law and realised my interest in the world of people, groups and psychology and trained as a therapist.

I worked for many years in the fields of trauma, mental health, HIV/AIDS and with refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK. I felt lucky to be part of a NGO organisation in the nineties and where I pioneered one of the first multi cultural counselling programmes for gay/bisexual men from black and minority ethnic communities in London. Later In east London (one of the most diverse hot spots in Europe) I was instrumental in co-developing a therapeutic and social care service for recently arrived refugees, many who were victims of war and torture.

I have a deep passion in seeking what lies beyond the boundaries of our everyday lives and limitations, and in discovering and engaging with diversity issues that both enrich and trouble us as individuals and communities. This has led me, with Stanya Studentova to found Asta Facilitation through which we work with groups and organisations and facilitate multicultural forums in Europe. Our work as facilitators and consultants focuses on cross-cultural issues, diversity, marginalization, conflict facilitation and professional team development.

I started to study Processwork at RSPOPUK in 2003. And in 2008 I co-organized Worldwork conference in London (with over 400 participants),.I joined the faculty of RSPOPUK at a time when the organisation was undergoing profound change and I took on the student co-ordinator role for the UKCP accredited diploma programme in 2011.  I now head up the steering committee for the organisation and am actively in the development of RSPOPUK. It has been personally moving to witness the development of the programme and the school both as a student and now engaged in shaping its present and future direction and growth in a leadership position in the organisation.

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