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Iona Fredenburgh

Iona Fredenburgh

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Faculty Member of Processwork UK

Iona Fredenburgh

This year (2016) I returned to North Wales after 15 years living and working in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

My partner and I came to Stroud primarily to be part of Ruskin Mill College, a specialist college for young people with diverse educational needs, where I worked with staff and students.

My earlier training and practice included community politics, philosophy and literature, bodywork, shamanic and ‘psychic’ or subtle energy work with groups and individuals including specifically with women, and especially in nature.

I came across Processwork in the 1990s. I remember being in a bad mood that I couldn’t shift, and a young woman who was then a Processwork student asked me: what did I feel like? “Like a wicked old witch!” I told her.  “Fabulous!” she said – “What would she like to do?” Surprised and encouraged by her enthusiasm for a part of myself I disliked, I ventured on: “Destroy the whole world!”

“Brilliant!” she said. “How would she do it?” Her extraordinary acceptance  gave me permission to follow my feeling impulse instead of attempting to forbid it, and within a couple of minutes I was full of energy and wellbeing, and the unresolved issue behind my mood had transformed. It sounds like magic – it felt like it. I made a mental note to find out more about the training she was undertaking, and the paradigm it embodied.

I have since been privileged to train, and later to support the training of others in Processwork as a  Faculty member. My practice as a Processwork facilitator includes work as a psychotherapist, supervisor, group facilitator and trainer.

Among the applications of Processwork that are close to my heart are extreme states and mental health provision, understanding and appreciating dementia or ’the loosening of the mind’, comfort eating and addiction processes, and change facilitation. I hope to share some of my research and reflections in writing over the next period, as well as in courses and trainings.

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