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Jean-Claude Audergon

Jean-Claude Audergon

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Phone: +44 (0) 20 7435 0756

French, German, Swiss-German, English

Co-fonder and Faculty Member of Processwork UK

Jean-Claude Audergon

I’m in private practice in NW London. As Processwork is applicable to a very wide spectrum of issues,  I work with individuals, couples, small and large communities both spiritually and socially oriented, organisations. I focus on what you bring – trauma, fear, depression, isolation, loneliness, relationship, disorientation and seeking a sense of identity,  issues of privilege and prejudice . I work with leadership issues, congruence and help you focus on your inner teacher rather than re-programming you.  Your inner drive twill express itself – and my task is to help you connect with it – whther i use your night-time dreams, your chronic symptoms, unfold with you the issues you encounter in relationship or deal with your daily issues of image and self-esteem and more.

I co-founded Processwork UK, as well as the original Process Work School in Zurich FGPOP-CH, the original Processwork psychotherapy training in Slovakia, and the Processwork Moderation in Berlin. A senior teacher in Processwork UK, I supervise students in our psychotherapy training, and i supervise professionals. Together with my wife and partner Arlene, we work and facilitate internationally – public forums on collective issues, as well as theme oriented modular trainings and theme-specific trainings.

I co-founded CFOR Force for Change. CFOR is a Charity dedicated to facilitating conflicts, disputes, postwar trauma and recovery in countries that have been hit and devastated by war and genocide (Croatia, Rwanda, South Africa). I co-lead the CFOR Force for change Modular Facilitation for Leaders’ course.

I’ve presented in numerous conferences and co-authored several articles about various applications of Processwork, and also wrote a chapter on ‘The Body in Process Work’, in Totton N (Ed) New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy, Open University Press 2005.

In 1977, at the end of those six years, I met Arny Mindell at one of his lectures, attended one of his early seminars and after getting so much out of my experience then and in my personal work with him, I excitedly joined the small group of similarly motivated young people who under his mentorship were discussing, experimenting and debating different and often divergent ideas. I discovered a world where what I / we perceived made sense, was validated. A new world had opened up for me!

I  then studied, researched and taught Process Work.  I introduced processwork in many countries, moved to and worked in private practice in Los Angeles, organised large forums on issues of racism, then returned  to Europe, to a private practice in London and setting up the school.

With a group of colleagues, I initiated IAPOP – the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology, then organised and coordinated the first IAPOP conference in 2007 London, and one year later, co-ordinated, organised and co-facilitated world work London 2008 taking place with 460 participants from 30 different countries.

Prior to joining Arnold Mindell in Zurich, i apprenticed in business administration, studied at the International Hotel school Lucerne, worked in the catering business for several years,  became a convention organiser and then decided I needed to re-orient, In the course of my 6-year long Jungian Analysis in Zurich, I went to evening school to get my degrees which enabled me to study at the Zurich University and get an MSc in Humanistic Psychology, Education and Special Education.

These days, at 70 I feel like I’m starting out…. following my dreams!



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