Once in a while, we ask a participant to our seminars if they would be willing to write up  –  for processwork UK  –  their experiences and learning attending our intensives, seminars or a series of training modules. Here is one such article for you to enjoy:

“For around 5 years in my 20’s I was heavily involved in climate activism. I helped develop campaigns and took direct action against polluters. In December 2009 along with thousands of other people desperately concerned about climate change I went to Copenhagen to take part in protests around the UNFCCC conference. The protests were inspiring, exhausting, exhilarating. Returning to England on the ferry we read the newspapers that told us of the deal that had been struck by the world’s leaders. It was immediately clear it was nowhere near enough. In retrospect I can now see that this was the point where my belief in stopping runaway climate change fell off a cliff. …….. Article R IW 2015 ‘Standing up is being alive’