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Emily Hodgkinson

Emily Hodgkinson

Email: mlyhodgkinson[at]


Tel: 07963-350758

Alumni of Processwork

Emily Hodgkinson

I gained my diploma in Processwork in 2009 and am a UKCP-registered psychotherapist working in Leicester or online, working with adult individuals and relationships.  I am also a registered training therapist for ProcessWork UK.

In the past I’ve been a geologist, an environmental activist, a diversity trainer and a member of Rhizome, a grassroots facilitation co-op; I’m currently engaged with raising my daughter.

What I love most about being a Process-Oriented therapist is never knowing what is going to happen next! I love the way people have such unique and creative ways of responding to life’s challenges and this continues to inspire me and help me feel more alive.
Environmental issues have loomed large for me over my life and over the past ten years I’ve been involved with developing and offering eco-psychological approaches within the activist world as well as facilitation around issues of diversity and conflict, mostly within the Transition Towns movement.  I was also a co-founder and co-author of Transition Leicester’s Footpaths project, a peer-support project to help people reduce their carbon footprint.
Relationships and sexualities, in all their diversity, challenge and wonder, have also always been a huge fascination for me both personally and professionally.  For many years I ran a counselling service for Leicester LGB&T Centre working with GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) clients, have taught about bisexuality for Pink Therapy, was a co-founder of Poly Counsellors UK and as a kink practitioner, am trying to be a kink-positive therapist.  I have recently been teaching seminars for therapists and trainee therapists on working with Gender, Sexuality & Relationship diversity.

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