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Eva Karia

Eva Karia


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Alumni of Processwork UK

Eva Karia

I absolutely love Processwork and feel tremendously lucky to be able to do what I am doing. Processwork is inherently creative; and I respect the accuracy of the approach and the life affirming nature of it – discovering what is important in those very bits we tend to want to get rid of or shut down. My work is motivated by the belief that watering yourself down to please or to fit in or to not offend anyone makes life painful and dull. There is deep joy in being true to yourself and discovering and sharing those parts of your Self that make you unique.

Being curious and a constant researcher I have used every situation in my life as a testing ground for new ideas. Pregnancy and motherhood meant I focused my training on my family and turned my everyday life into a research project. The result is my dissertation: The booby party – process-oriented parenting. I continue to research parenting and run a weekly mothers group locally, as well as supporting parents individually in private practice.

I have worked in private practice since 2010 and have also been a counsellor at MIND, the mental health charity. While living in East London I was a mediator with the local Tower Hamlets mediation service (sadly now closed). While I was a volunteer mediator I also increasingly used those skills in my work context and discovered a passion for communication and facilitation. Out of that newfound love, 10 years ago I started developing conflict skill trainings which I have been offering to companies ever since. The work with companies and organisations includes facilitation as well as leadership and communication training. I bring together my corporate experience with theatre, role play and process work to offer practice-oriented training.

I feel very strongly about supporting and empowering people around issues of sexuality, trauma and the wider world of intimate relationships and the many different expressions of that.
I work with individuals, couples and groups.
I welcome people of all sexual orientations, genders, ethnic backgrounds, faiths, abilities and relationship styles.
I am sex positive and kink aware.
I am a founding member of Processwork Southwest (UK) and offer workshops locally. Visit us on

I see clients on Skype or face to face in Horsley, Gloucesterhire (near Stroud). I can very occasionally also offer face to face sessions in London. I offer sessions in English or German. Ich spreche auch Deutsch.


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