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Kim Ward

Kim Ward

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Alumnus of Processwork UK

Kim Ward

I came across Processwork over 20 years ago, when I was in transition from countries, cultures and sexual orientation! I had lived over 10 years in Paris, where I shared my life with a great guy who had found his way out of Iran, during civil war and then war with Iraq in 1980s and found myself with young people from many countries, who sought to forward their studies, escape from conflicts or travel to broaden their horizons. I had left my hometown in Scotland to find a bigger world full of a variety of people who spoke many languages and cultures I had hardly dreamed of. I studied French language and culture at university in Paris. I trained as a teacher in Leeds and then returned to work in Paris as an English teacher in a bilingual school and assisted the drama teacher in directing plays of English literature for French speaking children.

I returned to Scotland, with a dream to find my roots, but how I wondered?  Through my love for drama, I joined a community theatre group, the Elements.

I returned to teaching in schools in Edinburgh, and worked for 15 years as a supply teacher on long and short term contracts in mainstream and special schools for children with learning difficulties and challenging behaviours.

My first workshop in Processwork was, on addictions, and I got hooked!

I came across new ideas about how altered states or different levels of consciousness can add to our lives through considering our intuitions, dreams, relationship dynamics and body awareness to become more creative in our thinking and grown up in our attitudes towards one another. I trained as a therapist and facilitator at the time we as a school became affiliated with UKCP – adhering to current psychotherapeutic standards in the UK.  Though Process Work was already working internationally on such training qualifications. It was a landmark for the school.

I spent 4 years in Processwork faculty, learning and participating in the evolution of the school in structuring a more formal timetable of public intensives, teaching student classes, assisting supervision groups and offering individual therapy.  I was also coordinator of diversity and fellowship programme.  I had researched sexual and gender diversity in my own dissertation, and currently work with people involved with gender re-assignment and find such transitions relevant to anyone who is interested in change; changing ourselves and the world around us. I have private practise in Edinburgh, working with all kinds of issues.

I have the delight of working also with children and young people (through a conversion diploma, I am currently completing (2015) at Northern Guild Psychotherapy) and am researching how Processwork lends itself to other modalities like play therapy and conflict resolution for children and young people.  Process Work pays keen attention to how we communicate with one another and the broader environment. We follow information both verbally and non-verbally to understand and acknowledge both our conscious intentions and our less conscious “dreaming” which seeks more attention or awareness to grow. When children, young people and adults feel seen and heard on a more personal level, then they /we are more able to stand up for ourselves, our wholeness.

My keen sense of nature and nature’s ways, is developing my interest in climate change and all the many aspects of human activity to take care of our planet.

I am a keen gardener who lives in a tenement in Edinburgh where the common ground of the garden and stairwell is a great opportunity to know your neighbours. This year, I coordinated the repaving of our back garden to the pleasure of all 18 flats-owners.  I am interested in participating and facilitating community projects and recently joined our local community group to help others find more harmony in our shared living spaces.

I love to be creative, I write poetry and sing in a choir. I love sharing them in public events, such as the open mic sessions in the Blind Poet bar in Edinburgh and singing songs at a Water Aid campaign or at the Climate Change march. After 20 year back in Edinburgh perhaps I am finding those roots that brought me back here all these years ago, through the many paths we travel.

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