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Leah Bijelić

Leah Bijelić

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Alumni of Processwork UK

Leah Bijelić


Leah is based in Sheffield where she works as a therapist, supervisor, trainer and community facilitator. She has been a practising Processwork therapist and facilitator since 2008.

Leah has worked as a therapist and consultant for several third-sector organisations in the UK and Croatia.  The most recent of those was Sheffield Mind where she was a therapist, supervisor and deputy manager of the clinical team.  During that time, she worked with clients at home as well as in the Mind offices. She also led outreach to communities in the city who have no experience of counselling and therapy and supported delivery of services in new contexts using interpreters. 

Leah now has a small private practice and works as a therapist and supervisor in the Student Counselling service at the University of Sheffield.  Sheffield draws students from 140 countries and from diverse backgrounds within the UK. Clients bring difficulties affecting people in every area of life (e.g. interpersonal trauma, grief, rank issues in relationship, addiction, difficulties associated with migration) as well as issues specific to being at University in the UK.

Community facilitation
Leah is a member of the facilitation team of  Who is Your Neighbour, a project facilitating dialogue, on themes causing tension in communities in South Yorkshire.  She also works with other Processwork colleagues to facilitate public meetings to explore the complexity around the issues that divide and disturb us. 

Training and key interests
Leah has delivered training on various themes to therapists, support workers and others, in third-sector organisations, public seminars and, more recently, at the University of Sheffield to staff and students. She has a keen interest in dynamics of power, privilege and marginalisation.  The focus of her diploma dissertation was the ethical imperative for facilitators to engage with issues of marginalisation within ourselves as well as in relationship and in the world. 

Leah has a background in publishing and digital library consultancy in higher education.  She also trained for 2 years in person-centred counselling and one year in Gestalt psychotherapy before discovering Processwork.

Other interests
When she’s not working, Leah is walking in the hills, running in the valleys, sharing food with friends, practising yoga, meditating, and generally loving life.

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