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Louise Warner

Louise Warner

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Alumni of Processwork UK

Louise Warner

Louise Warner is a Processworker diplomate who lives in West Yorkshire, in the Pennines close to Huddersfield. She has a private practice where she works with families, couples and individuals in a studio under a Wesleyan Chapel where she lives. She is increasingly keen to work outside in nature with clients. Louise completed her Processwork training in June 2015, though she has practiced as a therapist /facilitator since 1998 drawing on a background and training in movement / dance therapy and embodied work and systemic family therapy. She has a keen interested in ‘beyond words experiences’ and how our felt sense often is a gateway to becoming more ourselves. She refers to herself as a facilitator in all her work, with a purpose of making ease in the world – this is under Moving for Change.

She also works for a charity, NGO, WomenCentre – Kirklees / Calderdale, where she manages a busy mental health and well-being service where at the heart lies awareness and practice of co production. A specialist part of the service, Women in Exile, offers resources, therapeutic support and various therapies for asylum, refugee and migrant women, with specialism for those affected by war, violence and torture.

Louise has a background in community development and social change, and continues to link, and network with organisations and create partnerships bringing more awareness to the challenges we are facing especially within social care and for those most marginalized within society.  She is active amongst the 3rd sector leaders in West Yorkshire and sits on various groups / panels around justice and mental health bringing in process work approach to an output driven culture, valuing dialogues that are created and finding new ‘spots’ to give attention and awareness to leading to potential cultural shift and social change that is needed to address ongoing injustices.

Louise offers workshops and training in the below areas of specialism:

  • Organisational and community conflicts – how conflict can be a force for change
  • Organisational development and team building
  • Mental health and well-being – special focus on altered and extreme states – self harming, including eating disorders and suicide ideation
  • Family work
  • The wisdom of the moving body drawing on work from 18 years ago where she pioneered and researched training alongside predominately the Somalia and Bangladeshi community in East London, devising a level 3 accreditation with the City Lit, called  Healthy Moves programme. It was aimed at well-being for people living with chronic symptoms within ethnic minority communities. This draws on an attitude and skills base where symptoms are unfolded and awareness leads the way to lifestyle shifts. This programme remains today though has evolved.
  • Specialism in addictions – with 3 years of work in NW England around smoking cessation, aimed at mental health services
    Trauma and work from Processwork perspective, and somatic knowing, drawing on Focusing and Peter Levine’s work
    Movement workshops in Authentic Movement, exploring body wisdom, process oriented movement, movement observation and constellation work using the body.
  • Alzheimer’s and dementia awareness training – aimed at families, carers or organisations

She is a dancer, dreamer, a mother of 3 young adults, a daily yoga practitioner, walker and cyclist of lowlands and highlands, and enjoys cooking and eating with friends & family, she keeps hens and collectively gardens a small plot of land. Her love of nature draws her increasingly to bringing in our nature selves into work in the world and draws upon innate knowing in nature, the perspective it brings. She loves reading quantum ideas, and can’t recall any of it and sings in the bath.

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