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Milan Bijelic

Milan Bijelic


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Student of Processwork UK

Milan Bijelic

I work as a therapist in private practice in Sheffield, in London, and on Skype.
I also facilitate groups and have a strong interest in tensions and issues that take place at community / societal level.

A central interest for me, as a therapist and facilitator, is the Processwork concept that the things that disturb us contain the seeds of our growth.  I have discovered for myself the intrinsic wisdom and strength that may emerge through turning towards a difficulty and exploring it, rather than seeking to change it.  I have learned the importance of delving deeply into difficult or disturbing experiences in my inner world and in the world outside and finding meaning and purpose related to events that are challenging, or disturbing.  I see this as a journey into the unknown – into territory beyond our everyday identity. As a therapist, I seek to be a companion on that journey. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to accompany a person when they explore these places and search for meaning, wellbeing and strength.

I am also keenly interested in how social and world issues influence us, deeply, as individuals.  In my Diploma dissertation I explored the influence of war in Croatia and former Yugoslavia on my own individuation process and my social and professional context.

As a therapist, I have worked with clients on a broad range of issues and have focused particularly on exploring body sensations and symptoms in combination with psychological processes and on working with people who have mental health diagnoses and experience altered states of consciousness.  Whilst living and working in Split, Croatia, I was involved in establishing an informal mental health peer-support support group for individuals with diagnoses and their family members. I am still linked with the group and the small network in Croatia, interested in providing non-institutional mental health support.

Community facilitation and development work
I have worked in community development for 20 years and through that I have been extensively involved in organisational development in the third sector (charities and NGOs).  The focus of my work with communities has been community conflict, trauma and lingering community polarisations and their impact on grass-roots economic development. I am currently involved in a reconciliation and conflict transformation programme in Rwanda through the ‘Beyond conflict – Rwanda’ programme with organisation CFOR from London.

I have lived in Sheffield since autumn 2014, where I worked as a volunteer development coordinator in a local charity that supports destitute asylum seekers. I am also a member of the facilitation team of ‘Who is Your Neighbour’, a charity that facilitates community dialogue in areas of South Yorkshire experiencing community tension.

Other things about me
I have been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 25 years.  I use Processwork to support yoga practitioners experiencing temporary difficulties or body symptoms in relation to their practice.

I also qualified as a homeopath in 1998, with a view to developing a career in that field. However, the twists and turns of my life path have taken me in the direction of psychotherapy, group facilitation and community development.

I work in English and Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin group of languages.

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