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Pat Black

Pat Black



Alumni of Processwork UK

Pat Black

Pat is based in Edinburgh where she has worked in the field of Health and Social Care for over 35 years. As a process oriented psychotherapist (UKCP accredited) she works as a therapist, teaches, supervises students and a range of professionals and manages various projects across Scotland.

She is interested in and very engaged in Politics and is part of various initiatives to bring together people in localities to engage communities, develop local participative democracy and work together to improve the future of Scotland. Processwork, deep democracy and community building are the passions currently driving her work in various projects.

In 2001 Pat and Andy Smith created Diversity Matters – an organisation that works around all issues of diversity and has particular expertise in areas of Health and Social Care.
Diversity Matters has successfully run many projects over the years.
Two current projects are:

  • “Everyone Together 2” Project (Version 1 2012- 2015 and Version 2 2015 to 2018)
    This is focussed on coproduction and uses Deep Democracy principles to work together with communities of place, interest or ethnicity and with professionals, decision makers and local authority officials to figure out how to build community and devolve budgets to solve problems. Scottish Government funded, partners include a wide range of local authorities and N.G.O.s. This is a ‘do as you say’ project which hinges on the work of a diverse facilitation team involving people with disabilities, mental health system survivors, people recovering from addictions and others including professionals as facilitators. Forums and workshops are built together with professionals and citizens particularly focussing on so called ‘hard to reach’ communities.
  • “Go Deep” (2016- 2018)
    This is a European Union Erasmus + project bringing together five EU agencies and one from Brazil to explore the use of Deep Democracy facilitation methods and a well established community engagement process for young- people called The Oasis Game. The project is creating on-line games, teaching platforms and off-line resources for developing facilitation, diversity awareness and leadership in young-people.

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