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Sue Milner

Sue Milner

Email: milner.sue.m[at]
Phone: 07961 694392

Alumnus of Processwork UK

Sue Milner

I am a Processwork Diplomat whose passion for spiritual practice and social activism came home in the discovery of Processwork 20 years ago. I now see individuals, couples and groups at my practice in Totnes, Devon and on Skype, and am continually inspired by the creative nature of emerging processes. My particular interests are in issues of diversity, mental health and long term dreaming processes held in the body, and how these hold seeds of knowledge for all of us. I have studied earth based spirituality, and have worked in social work mental health.

As a student of Processwork I was based at in my local GP practice where I explored the dreaming process of symptoms, and their interface with a medical approach. I have continued to develop my interest in this area. My practice as a psychotherapist is great source of inspiration for me, as there is an extraordinary uniqueness to the creative process unfolding for each person, couple or group. I have become interested in epigenetics and am considering research on the relationship between the body, dreams and belief – who we think we are, and the systemic relationship of this to shaping both our own direct experience and the world around us.

I am engaged in working with women, exploring internalized oppression through group work. Prior to Processwork I trained in social work, specialising in issues of diversity, marginalization and mental health. During this time I co-founded a Mexican restaurant Co–operative with people with learning disabilities as I believe passionately in equality of opportunity. As a Processworker I see it as my work to bring awareness to rank and power issues within myself and as they appear before me.

More locally I have facilitated at Transition Conferences on the themes of rank, power and diversity. While I am also part of a small group of dedicated Processwork facilitators in the South West region of the UK. We now have our own website : and share an enthusiasm for developing local resources and skills in this area.

My spiritual journey is deeply important to me and is informed by earth based spiritual practices. Some of my teachers work with the Medicine Wheel as a map of consciousness, and I am authorized to teach the Dance of the Directions : a sacred Dance practice as taught by the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, the 27th lineage keeper of the Ywahoo lineage of the Tsalagi Nation. This Dance is one way to open channels of awareness between earth and body, and for me is profoundly connected to the earth based awareness practice of Process Work.

Through living with my partner of 18 years I have come to see the path of relationship as central to all that I do, and believe it to be the foundation for deep and inspiring ecological and social change. I live on a small holding with him and our daughter and am grateful for the chance to discover all our conflicts as a way of going deeper.


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