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Sylwia Kiro Żabińska-MacIntyre

Sylwia Kiro Żabińska-MacIntyre




Tel +44 (0) 7900 474001

Alumnus of Processwork UK

Sylwia Kiro Żabińska-MacIntyre

Kiro is a UKCP accredited process oriented psychotherapist, based in Edinburgh, but delivering trainings and workshops all over Scotland. Over several years she has enjoyed participating in international projects as well. Kiro studied a variety of subjects, starting from English studies (MA), moving to business administration (MBA) and then embracing psychology (MSc). She gained experience in academic, healthcare and business environment, which she finds extremely useful for her current facilitating, coaching and training work.

In 2007, a year after moving to Scotland, Kiro established her private practice called ProcessWalk, which aims at bringing Processwork approach into a transformative space offered by nature. Kiro has led integrative weekend walks, personal development workshops and all year round retreats in stunning locations in Scotland and abroad. During such events people from different walks of life can ‘get away from it all’, reflect on a particular issue, listen to their inner voice or just enjoy the surroundings and quality time they so rarely allow themselves to experience.

While in Edinburgh, Kiro offers individual and relationship sessions, runs groups and designs events and trainings. She also co-operates with non-government organisations on social and cultural projects, which often involve working with community groups and promoting empowerment and inclusion based on Deep Democracy principles. Her work experience comprises a number of organisations, including Penumbra, Girlguiding Scotland, Edinburgh Women’s Aid and Feniks Support Services Ltd.
One of Kiro’s passions, taking roots in her diploma project, is discovering and unfolding one’s Life Myth through a combination of Processwork and Role-Playing Games. The journey the participants embark on enables them to bring awareness to their potential and rediscover connection to themselves, other people, nature and the world. They may discover why particular relationship issues, health symptoms and childhood dreams appeared on their path and gain new insights from those encounters. Those qualities can help to find more meaning in the explorers’ personal life and in their workplace and often support the participants to re-discover their inner direction or ‘calling’.

Kiro has also researched how Life Myth work can be beneficial for businesses and organisations, especially while they go through a crisis, a major restructuring or when they need to re-invent themselves. With individual and business clients Kiro frequently explores issues related to stress, motivation, inner critic, personality clashes, conflicts, self-esteem, depression, procrastination, middle-age crisis, burn-out and setting priorities in life (Kiro calls it ‘setting priorities’ as she holds doubts whether the notion of a ‘work-life balance’ can be applied in a number of cases).

In her free time Kiro enjoys watching movies with her Processwork lens on, admiring magnificent sunsets, contemplating Japanese arts and drinking fukamushicha green tea. She loves travelling to remote places and wandering through spell-binding landscapes, a meeting place of mountains, lochs, oceans and sky. Kiro strives to find more time to practice an ancient art of reading books, her favourites being SF&F, myths and legends. She has also written and translated articles, books, reviews and short stories. Both at work and while recharging batteries Kiro has been fascinated by the opposites. She loves studying how they attract each other, clash and fight, but also how they can dance with one another and transform, bringing new qualities and enriching one another, and through that, the whole system.

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