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James Leachman

James Leachman

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Student of Processwork UK

James Leachman

I am a benedictine monk and priest, based in Ealing, London and originally from Lincoln.
Since my 2015 retirement from work in Rome I continue my work as director of the Benedictine Institute at Ealing Abbey where I teach Liturgy in the Summer School. I work with my brothers to confront and overcome a history of abuse in my monastery and elsewhere.
My background is Biology B.A. (Durham), M.Th. Theology (London) and License and Doctorate S.L.D. in Sacred Liturgy (Pontifical Liturgy Institute, Rome). I have been a benedictine monk since 1977 and catholic priest since 1992.
My experience contains my working in Church of England and Catholic parishes, and as professor of Sacred Liturgy in London and Rome.
I first came across Processwork in 2015 and my decision to formally study the Processwork Diploma comes from a desire to be more intimately involved with the transformative process for myself and for my community of Benedictine monks. I am grateful to my abbot and community for support to undertake the Diploma.
My interests are connected with holistic ways of living: bread making, gardening, environment, Tog Chöd, Peace Movement and finding connections between Christian and Shamanistic ritual.
I believe in human potential and positive change.

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