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Faculty, Practitioners, Students and Alumni


Students of Processwork come to their studies from a variety of personal and professional experiences. They are composers and musicians, psychotherapists, counselors, spiritual advisors and music therapists. They are mediators, organisational consultants, facilitators and social activists. They are lawyers and founders of Charity organisations. They are priests, artists and journalists. Needless to say, our students learn a lot from one another! Students who discover Processwork are often already interested in the links between inner work and social action, or between psyche and body, or spiritual development and political commitment. When they discover the unifying conceptual framework of Processwork, this speaks to something they have intuitively been putting together over years. At the same time, people come to us with a particular vocation or goal, to work in areas such as the health profession, psychotherapy and mental health, or conflict resolution and community development.

The Students are:


Phase I

  • Aneaka Kellay
  • Carol Hardy
  • Eva Vohlidkova
  • Grzegorz Giertner
  • James Leachman
  • Savannah Theis
  • Andrea Carr
  • Padraig Cotter
  • Eleanor Davis
  • Catherine DeCleen Bello
  • Alix Hyde
  • Tania MacKenzie
  • Lucy Patterson
  • Marijke Smeets
  • Stu Basden

Phase II

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