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Paola Esperson

Paola Esperson


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Student of Processwork UK

Paola Esperson

Passionate student and researcher of music, music therapy, psychology, education and integration / inclusion of diversities, to promote peace, Paola is Italian and speak fluently Italian, English and French. She lives in London, since 2009.

She is a group facilitator, in 2014 she completed the course of “Facilitation for Leaders” organized by CFOR in London. Music therapist, specialized in Assisi at the four-year music therapy training course, she has a Master in Art Therapy, she is a musician, a composer and specialized teacher for children with special needs and sensory disabilities.

She completed four years of training in Core Energetic counseling with the Italian Institute of Core Energetic.  Thus to study and learn more deeply the importance of body awareness and how to release and transform the emotions that live and remain as memories in our bodies.

She worked for 18 years in Rome as a specialized teacher and music therapist for children with special educational needs, devoted to integration and inclusion of diversities, she has experience with individuals and groups therapies.

As Music therapist Paola has a good experience working with groups with the Italian Mental Health National Care.

She was the founder and creator of the three-year training course in Music Therapy of FORIFO in Rome, recognized by the Ministry of Education (1998).

She has been lecturer and supervisor in music therapy and head of the FORIFO’s Music Therapy training for 13 years.

She has taught and conducted music therapy workshops in several University, including courses of music therapy for students of Speech Therapy, Faculty of Medicine University of La Sapienza, Rome,  and seminars for students of Science Education at the University of Roma Tre.

She has presented her work and studies at various national and international conferences, wrote articles and published in Italian and English the book “Music therapy for integration” (Cajola, Esperson, Rizzo, Franco Angeli 2008, RM).

She applies “beginner mind” approach to her life, studies and therapies, to keep alive the wonder and curiosity through the eyes of her inner child.  What brings her joy and motivation is the daily discovery of inner and outer diversities, and this journey of self discovery is what she would like to share with clients.

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