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Training Courses

One-Year Processwork Programmes

Conflict Resolution and Worldwork: Facilitation for Leaders

Sponsored by CFOR and facilitated by Arlene and Jean-Claude Audergon

We’d love to see you in our 2018-2019 Facilitation for Leaders course.

CFOR’s ‘Facilitation for Leaders’ course is especially for people interested in the link between their personal awareness and their leadership and contribution to organisations and communities.

In past courses, participants have been independent practitioners or have come from small and large voluntary organisations and NGOs, international and peace-building organisations, community groups, schools and Universities, religious and spiritual

institutions, government bodies, business, coaching, social movements and artistic companies.

Download the One-Year-Programme brochure here: Facilitation for Leaders 2018-19

Application/ Registration
Please write us a short email letting us know of your interest.
We’ll follow by sending you more details. If you are interested to attend the course, we will ask that you write a short paragraph about your background and your purpose in applying for the course, and arrange an interview by Skype – an opportunity for us to get to know you, and for you to ask any questions you have and find out if the course is right for you. CFOR also has a sponsored Fellowship programme, designed to offer training to people making an important impact in their communities.  If you or someone you know may be interested to either apply for a fellowship, or support a fellowship, please contact us.

The Conflict Resolution and Worldwork Annual Course: Facilitation for Leaders is offered through CFOR. Arlene and Jean Claude Audergon are conflict facilitators, psychotherapists, and are co-founders of CFOR and Processwork UK.

CFOR has expertise working in multicultural and international contexts, facilitating within conflict zones, consulting and supporting individuals, organisations, communities and countries, to find interventions and creative pathways forward, even amidst difficult or intractable situations.

CFOR’s programmes include:  ‘Beyond Conflict’ focusing on conflict resolution, post-conflict recovery and violence prevention; ‘Europe Matters’ focusing on current issues in Europe, reckoning with our violent history while building our future as multi-cultural societies; ‘Facilitation for Leaders’ Annual Training Programme; and ‘Seeds’, working alongside individuals who by way working with their own personal and collective history are in a  unique position to envision a different future for their communities.


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