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Training Courses

One-Year Processwork Programmes

The Body, Psychotherapy and the World

Processwork’s contribution to embodied awareness

Facilitated by Andy Smith, Stanya Studentova, Anup Karia, Iona Fredenburgh

We are excited to offer this one year training and CPD, where our focus is Processwork’s contribution to embodied awareness.

This course will be offered again from Autumn 2019.

If you are interested in expanding your practice as a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach or bodyworker; or exploring the impact of the collective realm on our body experience, symptoms and moods. For facilitators wanting to work more with bodies, space and movement, for those exploring the embodiment of deeper ecological perspectives. And for anyone interested in their own body experience as a source of awareness and direction.


Day to day life, our relationships, the world and the environments we live in have a massive impact on our bodies and our psychology. They affect our health and wellbeing, our sense of ourselves, the spirit and rhythms of our lives – all aspects of our embodied selves. And at the same time, our bodies can lead the way, in ways we might not even imagine. Skilful attention to the unique and dynamic languages of the body, allows us to access parts of our wholeness wanting to be lived – in ourselves, our relationships and in the world around us. Bringing awareness to these processes for ourselves and in facilitating others, changes lives – changes the world.
This course explores these dynamics in the everyday world, in our mythic and dreamlike experiences, and in the realm of the unified organising field – known by many names including Processmind.


Accessing and living our whole nature and creativity is at the heart of Processwork’s theory and practice. We will focus on a specific set of facilitation skills rooted in an understanding of systems ideas, communication theory, multi-channel awareness, sentient work and the intersection of personal and collective dynamics in this field
The emphasis will be on developing the facilitator’s awareness, in terms of recognising how to follow our deepest sense of purpose and who we are, whilst facilitating others and intervening in the wider field.


Everyone learns in unique ways. There will be theoretical presentations, experiential practice in pairs and small groups, inner-work and personal reflection as well as large group discussions and facilitation practice. Small group mentoring sessions will be provided as part of the training and will take place in between the taught modules. CPD credits and course completion certificate available.

For more information about the course, see the brochure: The Body Psychotherapy and the World

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