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Processwork Diploma Programme

International Processwork Diploma

The RSPOPUK Diploma Programme is a dynamic, exciting and rigorous programme of at least 5 years duration.

You will engage in experiential and theoretical studies of the philosophy, theory, attitudes (meta-skills), methods and applications of Processwork. This includes learning about associated schools of thought, while following your own individuation and professional or creative path.

You may enter the Diploma programme, as a practicing professional. Or you may be heading into a whole new direction, path or career.

Together with your chosen Study Committee, you will plan your own course of study, taking into account the training requirements, as well as your interests, goals, unique nature and night-time dreams. This is a commitment not only of time, effort and money. It’s a deeper dedication to your own personal development and awareness, needed to be able to relate to others in difficult and potentially creative situations.

The joy and difficulty of learning Processwork comes from the continuous practice of awareness that stretches you… This will make it possible for you to facilitate complex processes in a wide-range of situations.

Your studies will be highly individualised, according to your personal and professional goals and research interests, but you will also be part of a cohort and learning community in Processwork UK, as well as connect with an international learning community.

In the Diploma programme, you will learn to facilitate individuals, as well as work with relationships and groups. Processwork methods enable you to discover emerging difficulties and potentially creative patterns arising in dreams, body experiences and symptoms, unintended communication, movement patterns, altered and extreme states, relationship issues, and the issues of power and privilege associated with our collective and cultural history.

You may be attracted to Processwork because of the interconnection of these different elements of the work, and the interplay of your inner awareness and outer contribution.

The International Diploma can be taken with an emphasis on your particular area of research and application. For example, you may want to focus on organisational or community facilitation, or the application of Processwork to the arts. If you want to focus on the practice of Psychotherapy, the programme conforms to UKCP accredited psychotherapy training requirements.

While you may want to apply your Processwork training in a particular field, such as conflict resolution work, healthcare or individual psychotherapy, you will find that all aspects of Processwork intertwine. If you are interested in conflict resolution in large groups and communities, your training in ‘innerwork’ and ‘altered states’ will be as essential as your training in ‘worldwork’. Similarly, if your goal is to work with private clients as a Psychotherapist, an understanding of collective and social dynamics of conflict and oppression will be as necessary as studying individual psychology.

An overview of key elements of the Diploma Programme
– Mentor and Study Committee Sessions
– 6 Day Intensives (2 per year)
– Reflection and Peer group Days following the Intensive
– 3 days of Classes (2 per year)
– 3 day Dojos (3 per year)
– Live Supervision individually and in groups – throughout the year
– Peer Groups – throughout the year
– Feedback Festival – annual
– School Meeting – annual
– Private Sessions – regular
– Placement
– Case Supervision sessions – regularly in phase II
– Worldwork seminar – at least once during your studies
– Additional seminars and classes according to your interests and needs
– Reading list of Processwork paradigm, philosophy and roots and comparative psychotherapy, comparative medicine, movement, altered and extreme states, systems, and social and collective dynamics
– Reflection and analysis of learning in Study Journal, written assignments including learning from practice and supervision sessions and Annual Reviews
– Video studies
– Phase I and Phase II exams
– Case Study
– Dissertation or Final Project

For more information, contact us on
Our student coordinator or a faculty member will be in touch with you to discuss whether the programme is right for you and to inform you about the application process.

Students, please access the ‘student section’ at the bottom of this website for more comprehensive information, including the training handbook.

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