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What is Processwork?


Worldwork is the application of Processwork to facilitating groups, organisations and communities, and working with international issues of history and creating our future together.

Worldwork is used to address essential dialogue and ‘hot spots’ in our community – for example how islamophobia is entangled with people’s fear of terrorism, or how dynamics of racism are a legacy of history and how this is perpetuated in modern society.

Worldwork methods support communities that have been at war and have to find a way to move forward intact – by way of dealing with the history of trauma and open questions of justice, as well as discovering the potential for relationship, recovery, reconciliation and the drive to rebuild community.

Worldwork also means awareness inside oneself, as you grapple with your own personal and collective history, and with one’s family, as well as one’s place of work, business, or community.

And ‘Worldwork’ has to do with a feeling for yourself and others. We sometimes speak of an attitude of ‘eldership’ – the ability to discern and take a stand for something that matters, and to be able to support all points of view and the whole interaction.

At the heart of Worldwork is the principle and practice of Deep Democracy. This refers to the wisdom that emerges in community when we recognise how we are moved in relation to one another. This means bringing awareness along into the interaction of all parts of our experience, including the outer facts, our history and current dynamics of power and privilege, the feelings that are activated and the polarization of roles, as well as our underlying unity.

Deep democracy brings democracy to life in the moment as a living reality. In deep democracy, everyone ‘wins’ in the sense of gaining more meaningful relationships and more sustainable resolutions.”

Amy Mindell, ‘Bringing deep democracy to life’ in Psychotherapy and Politics, Wiley (2008), p. 213.


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